The BGA-100 and BGA-300 Inspection Microscopes

The BGA-100 Series consists of the BGA-100 and BGA-300 Inspection Tools. These tools allow high magnification viewing underneath BGA and other SMT packages. The compact, handheld systems are easy to carry through the factory or to different facilities. The 2 mm prism and optional thinner 1 mm and 0.5 mm prisms allow inspection even on very densely populated boards.

An optional fibre optic backlight can be used with any of these systems for viewing through the rows of the BGA package. The systems can also be fixtured to an optional stand.

The BGA-100 and BGA-300 include a high resolution 2M CMOS Camera with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It connects to your pc or laptop with standard USB 2.0 interface.  The system includes a software package for annotation and measurement.  This works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.  It has a frame rate of 20 fps. The BGA-100 Series of systems can be used with any NTSC or PAL color monitor.
They offer superior performance at fraction of the cost of other systems.

A Preinstalled 2mm Thick Prism

The standard model includes a preinstalled 2 mm thick prism.
We also offer optional thinner 1 mm and 0.5 mm prisms for tighter areas.
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Head & Pillow

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